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What is the best coffee for an espresso martini?

what coffee to use for espresso martini?

You may be just starting out on your espresso martini journey, or you may be a long-time enthusiast. Either way, finding the optimal coffee to use in an espresso martini can be tricky.

1. The best coffee for use in an espresso martini is freshly brewed espresso shot. Using freshly brewed espresso will ensure that the drink has the best taste and a more robust coffee flavor. Additionally, it's essential to use a high-quality, neutral-flavored coffee beans to ensure that other ingredients do not overpower the coffee flavor in the cocktail.

2. Can I use cold brew instead of espresso for an espresso martini? Yes, you can use cold brew for an espresso martini. The cold brew can be used as a substitute for the espresso in the traditional recipe. You can also mix cold brew with vodka or gin and add other ingredients like liqueur and simple syrup to make the drink. Keep in mind that the flavor profile of the cold brew may be different from that of traditional espresso, so you may need to adjust the recipe accordingly.

Our very own Bartender's Coffee: Original Blend obviously gets our vote for the best whole bean option, which can yield both espresso and cold brew. We would love for you to try it for yourself!


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